About Me

I love books. Sounds simple but some people don’t understand how much I mean this. I love reading books, talking about books, collecting  books, and yes, even smelling books.

Someday I’ll publish and I’ll edit and help other people publish, but for now, I’ll just submerge myself in my own world. The people seem to know me here.

On my blog you’ll find a couple different things. First, what I’m currently reading, this is shown by my Goodreads profile to the right.

Second a yearly reading challenge with a progress tracking meter and a list of what I’ve taken down so far in the current calendar year.

Thirdly my unique (and constantly changing) Listopia. These will feature any and every book I’ve come across or picked up and said ‘hmmm interesting, I’d give this a try’.  Don’t know what to read next? Take a walk through my shelves fitted for all different moods and occasions. You can also take my “What should I read next” survey for personalized suggestions!

Fourth will be my book reviews, complete with rating system, recommendations, thoughts, and on occasion my answers to guided reading guide questions. Please keep in mind this is just my opinion and like the old wise proverb says, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one”.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions, comments, or questions! Happy reading!

Love forever and always, Tyler Rose

P.S.  If you just want to talk shop that’s fine too, just drop me a line.