Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

12354691Samhain Corvus LaCroix is a Seattle native, college drop, and a fast food fry cook. His life is pretty standard and uneventful, that is  until he accidentally breaks the taillight of a fancy car in his work’s parking lot.

This small act of vandalism catapults Sam into a series of strange and unfortunate events wherein which he discovers he’s a necromancer.  Something he doesn’t get a chance to come to terms with before the violence, kidnapping, and general evil occurrences begin to plague his life forcing him to make some bold decisions.

Genre: Teen Fantasy & Adventure



There were several points at which those annoying  adult-like concerned questions kept popping in to my head. Like how does this kid afford rent? He lives in Seattle where apartment rent easily is higher than my mortgage, even in 2010 I’d think. He pays for this apartment with the (low) contribution of one friend and working at a fast food place? Just a little hard for me to believe.

Also a common trope for teen literature is the absent/dead parents, and the first half of the book we hear mention of Sam’s sister and mother. But where are they? He doesn’t live with them, he doesn’t mention speaking to them or seeing them. I kept waiting to hear how the rest of his family had tragically died in an accident or something. I was waiting for some explanation.  Then, more half-way through the book Sam goes to visit them…. ohhhh there they are just living on without him, even though everyone seems to be on good terms.

I will have to say I did appreciate the jokes and pop-culture references throughout the entire book. I do wonder though would the target audience of this book get them? Thoughts? I found myself feeling like these young kids didn’t really act like young kids.

I found myself more intrigued and wanting to hear more of Brid’s POV pieces. I found that what we did get to see of her character nice and wanted to learn more about her and her pack. The fairy hound concept was new to me and I wanted to know way more about it. I will have to look into/research later.


Sure, I’d say it’s a pretty standard brain-break read. The can you can relax and not have to give a lot of thought to.

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