NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Image result for nos4a2I’m still going strong on the creepy books for fall list. And although he’s not the master, he’s as close as it gets, he’s his son.

It’s hard to grow up as a writer when Stephen King is your dad, so we will see how it goes, but I have high hopes.

Spanning a few decades it seems and several different narrators this story is a twisty tale. Half sci-fi, half suspense/horror I’m really excited to get in and start reading this one!



Ok so Stephen King taught his son very well, or amazing talent just runs naturally through their veins. This novel was very well crafted, there was never a slow or boring part where I was easily distracted from the story. It was adequately creepy and yet enthralling and relatable. The Story followed the course of one girl (Vic), growing up with a unique gift of finding lost things. But When the evil Charlie Manx kidnaps her kid after he failed to kidnap her as a teen will her gift for finding the lost be enough?

Well I won’t answer that to give anything away, lets just say this story was thrilling until the very end.


Yes, it was very well done, and well written. Nice creepy book to read as the season change, it gets colder, and Christmas is around the corner.

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